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Optiyol is a cloud-based route optimization software that "works" on the ground. We concentrated to understand why most organizations still relied on manual efforts to plan routes even though they invested a lot of time and money to implement optimization solutions. It turned out most solutions were purely based on math and ignored the human aspect of field operations. Optiyol's secret sauce is our comprehensive data model which feeds flexible and tunable algorithms for each operation. We capture as much human experience as possible for the most realistic representation of your operations.

Route optimization

  • Optiyol is a cloud-based solution which can be accessed from anywhere anytime
  • You can run optimization scenarios by uploading data in an Excel file or through API integration
  • View all routes on the map and analyze different metrics such as route distances, costs and utilization
  • You can select and deep-dive on each route and view details about planned arrival/completion times

Route adjustment and sharing

  • You can modify vehicle assignments from a drop-down list of available fleet
  • Correct addresses with auto-complete or pin exact locations with drag and drop map support
  • Adjust plans by moving orders between routes or by changing visit sequences
  • Share the final dispatch plans with driver app or download in Excel/csv

Driver mobile application

  • iOS & Android apps help the drivers to follow the planned routes smoothly with navigation
  • Ability to see all orders on the map or as a scrollable list with detailed order information and ETAs
  • Barcode reader that works with the device's camera to make sure right orders are loaded to each vehicle
  • Logging functionality to track actual paths, exact pickup, delivery and visit times
  • Proof-of-delivery through on-screen signatures, notes and photos
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Route tracking

  • Track updates about order status and vehicle paths in real-time on the map
  • View and compare planned vs. actual driver routes in multiple layers
  • Access proof-of-delivery signatures, photos and driver notes in order details
  • See actual arrival times and service durations at each location which can be compared against planned values

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