Field Operations and Services

How much better would your field service teams operate with Optiyol's smart solutions?

Field Operations and Services

Delivery of services is the future of the service industry as the global pandemic showed us once again. By understanding the necessity of optimization in order to visit more customers, we offer our smart solution to the transportation of services too.

Field Operations and Services

Optiyol algorithms are uniquely tuned for field services to optimize job allocations and visit routes to multiple locations throughout the day. Taking into account the differences in the transportation of goods vs. services, Optiyol ensures that the teams with the right skill sets are assigned to each job while respecting customer appointment times.

Field Operations and Services

Your teams can complete more jobs without any additional investment, whether you offer Homecare Services, Installation/Maintenance Services, or Field Sales. Optimize job allocations, use route planner multiple stops and complete more tasks without any additional investments.

Upgrade Your Field Operations and Services with Optiyol

Upgrade Your Field Operations and Services with Optiyol

Optiyol algorithms will automatically create the best routes, taking into account order locations, order sizes, fleet options, all restrictions, preferences, road distances, traffic and costs.

Optiyol suggests just enough number of field workers with the right skillsets and tools. Visits are allocated to teams in a way to minimize both fleet acquisition and mileage costs.

Earliest and latest visit times for each request are taken into account to maximize on-time service levels. Working hours and shifts of field teams are also respected in the route plans.

Each customer is scheduled to be visited at the desired weekly or monthly visit frequencies. The best set of days for multiple visits in a week or month is selected for each customer to minimize overall costs.

Optiyol helps you to verify and correct customer addresses with mapping support. Best parking locations for each customer are also learned by utilizing tracking data from the driver app.

Optiyol Driver App (Android & iOS) helps drivers to smoothly follow planned routes and update order statuses to track which orders got completed, are on the way or got canceled.

You can run multiple optimization scenarios under varying fleet size and customer visit frequencies to balance transportation costs against expected additional revenues.

Make sure the workload for different drivers is distributed fairly during territory allocation. For sales operations, it’s also possible to balance the expected revenues among territories.

Homecare services are growing at about a rate of 10% annually as the world population is aging in western countries. Moreover, as Covid-19 transforms our way of living, demand for telemedicine and home care has increased in order to avoid non-critical visits to hospitals. Optiyol can help caregivers, nurses, or doctors to make more visits in a day by reducing travel times with better routes.

When it comes to increasing the capacity of your field teams, route optimization appears to be the most cost-efficient way. Any minute saved by better routes means extra time to complete more customer requests and reduce down-times in your customers' operations. Optiyol's unique algorithms ensure that the right teams are assigned to the right jobs at the visiting schedule so that you don't get any complaints about late arrivals. Route optimization for technical teams will not only save costs but will also bring you more business opportunities.

Like everyone else, the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing field sales managers to make plans for the new era. If you need to also update your routes for the field sales teams who are trying to bring your customers back, we are here to help. Optiyol can optimize both regular weekly and monthly routes that are driven by target visit frequencies or dynamic routes which are created for scheduled meetings with your customers.

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