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Optiyol is a cloud-based route optimization software specifically designed to meet the standards of your delivery operations.

Boost Your Operations with a Tailor-Made Route Optimization

Optiyol delivers solutions for better use of your resources

Realizing that most organizations still rely on manual efforts to plan routes we decided to implement a next-generation approach to route optimization. With Optiyol, you can transform your delivery management and meet the standards in your supply chain management processes. Optiyol's secret sauce is its comprehensive data model which feeds flexible and tunable algorithms for each operation. We capture the needs of managers, dispatchers, drivers and customers for the most realistic representation of your operations.

Does your distribution network need order-based transportation planning? We provide Dynamic Route Optimization.

You can use Optiyol to automate and optimize delivery planning to serve hundreds of different commercial or residential addresses.

Pickup/Delivery Route Optimization

Fleet Selection Fleet

How many and what type of vehicles should we use?

Order Allocation Order

How should we assign orders to selected vehicles?

Visit Sequencing /Scheduling Visit Sequencing

What is the right sequence to minimize costs while visiting each location on-time?

Real-time Optimization Real-time

How to keep the routes optimized for any changes after dispatch?

Long-haul Transportation Optimization


How should we allocate orders to each transportation mode? (FTL, LTL, Direct/Crossdock etc.)

Dispatch Date Selection Dispatch
Date Selection

When should the trucks leave the warehouse to deliver on-time?

FTL Route Optimization FTL Route Optimization

How to determine best order consolidation and delivery sequence for FTL routes?

For Route Planning Supervisors
For Route Planning Supervisors

  • Define all your constraints and route preferences to get the best routes which are both cost effective and realistic
  • Modify vehicle assignments from a drop-down list of available fleet and add another vehicle when needed
  • Correct addresses with auto-complete or pin exact locations with drag and drop map support
  • Make changes to the input or output data 
  • Adjust plans by moving orders between routes or by changing visit sequences

  • Share the final dispatch plans with the Driver App
  • View and compare planned vs. actual driver routes in multiple layers
  • Access proof-of-delivery signatures, photos, and driver notes in order details
  • See actual arrival times and service durations at each location and compare them with planned values
  • Communicate with the drivers via chat, SMS, or push notifications 
For Managers
For Managers

  • Track updates about order status and vehicle paths in real-time on the map
  • Gain insights about drivers from historical data using AI

  • Customers can track real-time location of their orders with estimated time of arrival
  • They can make any change requests such as delivery place/time, recipient, or additional notes
  • They can easily give reviews for you to build a trustworthy organization

  • Take advantage of services including payment/invoice and user/password information along with the subscription status of your accounts (package information, usage statistics, remaining credits)
  • Benefit from Webhook registration and input/output integration.
For Drivers
For Drivers

  • Follow the planned routes smoothly with navigation via iOS & Android apps
  • Use the barcode reader that works with the device's camera to make sure the right orders are loaded to each vehicle
  • When delayed, indicate the reason for the delay (such as parking, security, elevator, or customer absence at the location)
  • Enable proof-of-delivery through on-screen signatures, notes, and photos

  • Track actual paths; ensure exact pickup, delivery, and visit times by logging functionality
  • See all orders on the map or as a scrollable list with detailed order information and ETA's
  • Share information related to arrival time and order completion.
  • Communicate with the customer when necessary via call, chat, SMS, or push notifications

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