KraftHeinz has chosen the Optiyol way!

June 25, 2024

Exciting News! Optiyol proudly welcomes @kraftheinz to our growing family of clients! 

A global position in the food industry, Kraft Heinz is renowned for its iconic brands and commitment to delivering quality products to households worldwide. With a rich history and a focus on innovation, Kraft Heinz stands as a leader in the food and beverage sector. Embarking on a collaborative journey, Kraft Heinz is set to elevate its long-haul operations with a focus on efficiency, sustainability, and enhanced customer satisfaction. 

Partnership Highlights:
• Faster Planning: Streamlined planning processes ensure swift and optimized routes, saving valuable time and resources.

• Better Utilization of Resources: Optimized routes minimize total mileage and number of vehicles on the road, contributing to significant cost savings.

• Smart FTL/LTL Decisions: An integrated decision-making system for FTL/LTL mode optimization, leading to overall cost efficiency.

• Higher Customer Satisfaction: Precision in planning translates to on-time deliveries, exceeding customer expectations and enhancing overall satisfaction.

• Greener Deliveries: Transportation optimization supports the commitment to sustainability by cutting down on greenhouse emissions.

Stay tuned for updates as Kraft Heinz embraces this exciting journey! 

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