Customer Success Stories: MediaMarkt

July 18, 2023

About our Partnership:

Optiyol’s valuable partnership with Media Mark began when Optiyol won the MediaMarkt Retail Startup Challenge in 2021. Through the collaboration, Optiyol’s algorithms and software helped Media Markt automate their planning process, leading to significant benefits in cost efficiency, customer satisfaction and environmental impact.

Following a successful pilot in the city of Bursa, Media Markt decided to expand the implementation to other cities. As Optiyol, we are proud to be a part of Media Markt’s journey towards more efficient and sustainable logistics. Throughout the process, Media Markt's feedback was invaluable in further improving our solutions.

Here are the real benefits:

  • Seamless integration of in-store and e-commerce orders into the system, ensuring that each order is properly accounted for and optimized for the most efficient route possible
  • Full automation of the planning process without any human intervention, leading to significant improvements in efficiency and accuracy 
  • Optimized route plans are sent to drivers every morning, allowing them to start their day with a clear plan and get real-time support all day through messaging functions
  • Real-time monitoring of vehicles and status of all orders, allows the operations team to proactively address any issues that may arise, ensuring smooth operations throughout the day
  • Personalized and efficient delivery routes based on customers' preferred time slots, resulting in a more satisfying and personalized delivery experience for customers
  • Optimized planning of omni-channel distribution and intra-logistics together, resulting inmaximum efficiency and cost savings. Products can be moved from warehouse to customers, stores to customers, customers to warehouses or stores (returns) and between stores in the same route
  • Minimization of environmental impact, as the optimized routes reduce fuel consumption and emissions for sustainability