5 Ways to Optimize Same Day Delivery Costs

February 17, 2022

Optimizing Same Day Delivery Costs in 5 Ways

In today’s world, where anything from gift orders to late-night snacks can be delivered to our doors, same day delivery companies have to stay competitive. Customers are increasingly demanding flawless delivery service that comes exactly when they expect it. With these high expectations, planning delivery operations manually just isn’t an option anymore. 

Delivery can be one of the biggest headaches for companies, considering traffic delays, address changes, and missing packages. Every hiccup along the way translates to wasted time and higher costs. 

With so many changing factors playing into each delivery, these costs can really pile up. Same day delivery can be very costly for companies, so proper delivery management is crucial in optimizing spending at every step of the process.


5 Ways to Optimize Costs in Same Day Delivery Management

Although route planning may seem complicated and costly, there are definitely ways that you can curb these costs. Let’s look at 5 ways you can optimize your costs while always providing a flawless same day delivery experience.


1. Minimize Planning Time

As the saying goes, time is money. One way to cut costs in same day delivery management is to eliminate the time-consuming manual planning process. 

With manual route planning, you’re not only losing money by spending large amounts of time, but you’re spending much more on labor. Instead, sit back and allow efficient delivery management software to do it for you. 

Optimized route planning opens up a whole world of efficiency and ease. Route optimization automatically finds the most efficient delivery routes by taking into account every stage of the operation. 


2. Cut Mileage & Fleet Costs

Another area that can be optimized in delivery is mileage and fleet costs. When there are hiccups in same day delivery, more mileage is driven, which directly equates to more gas money spent by you. 

Delivery management software takes into account everything that could stop your delivery process from being flawless and adjusts. This prevents drivers from having to visit a house more than once, backtracking, and spending time waiting. 

Fleet size is also considered by route optimization software and creates truck-specific routes based on load and truck size. With dynamic fleet selection, order allocation, and correct multi-stop visit sequencing, route optimization results in 15-25% savings in mileage costs and 5-10% in fleet size.


3. Real-time Communication

One of route optimization software’s most beneficial aspects is the access to real-time communication with the driver. You can stay in constant contact with your drivers via chat, SMS, or push notifications and see proof of delivery and exact delivery times as they’re being performed. 

In addition, customers are able to communicate with drivers. It allows customers to notify drivers of any last-minute changes. This is crucial, because it creates the opportunity for you to adjust to any changes when they happen, which saves mileage and time costs. 


4. Ensure Customer Retention

In the delivery business, the more people you can serve and keep as loyal customers, the less turnover you will have to deal with. With loyal customers, you can further optimize costs focused on their experience. As we know, customer retention directly correlates with customer experiences, especially when it comes to the delivery process. Therefore, ensuring a flawless delivery experience is essential. 

Having the option to contact the driver and access the location of their packages are game changers in customer satisfaction. Benefits like these will be what makes the difference between loyal customers and spending time and money on customer turnover. 


Collect Data & Adjust

An essential part of providing cost-efficient deliveries is learning from mistakes and adjusting. In the past, this was all done manually, but we now have resources such as machine learning that can do it for us. 

With historical data using AI, companies can gain insights about drivers and their delivery routes. This allows companies to see what works and what doesn’t, providing the opportunity to adjust and become even more efficient. 


Take Your Same Day Delivery to the Next Level

It's time to transform your delivery management to meet high customer expectations, optimize costs at all stages and help increase efficiency in delivery services. 

Optiyol cloud-based route planning software is here for you with its comprehensive data model that feeds flexible and tunable algorithms for each operation, specially designed to enable you to improve delivery management processes seamlessly. 

Check out Optiyol and optimize costs in your same day delivery process.

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