How Next-Gen Tech Solutions Empower the Future of Last-Mile Delivery?

How Next-Gen Tech Solutions Empower the Future of Last-Mile Delivery?

We have recently passed a turning point in how we buy consumer goods and services. And consequently, this boom in eCommerce creates pressure on logistics management: In the past decade, eCommerce sales have grown six times worldwide. And the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this growth, as people were forced to isolate themselves in their houses. During this global phase, online shopping and on-demand deliveries to homes became the new normal of shopping.

As a result, every business has been involved in residential home deliveries and is still looking for ways to adapt to this growth and its implications for the future. Today’s customers demand speed, accuracy, and transparency in any delivery service at their doorstep. And this results in many bottlenecks on the way to creating smooth final mile deliveries.

Now, whether we are in eCommerce industries like retail, FMCG, Food & Beverage, or logistics, our eyes are on the future of last-mile logistics. At this point, let’s discover the transformation in operational efficiency metrics and how next-gen technologies empower the future of last-mile delivery.

The Current State of Last-Mile Delivery

Digital transformation disrupts the world as we know it. We embrace new digital tools on a daily basis, and online shopping is just one area that evolves our practices. This continual rise in eCommerce transforms the business ecosystem and customers are now at the forefront of the attention. This is why last-mile delivery became the competitive edge for many industries. Since home deliveries are the main touchpoint with customers; not only what you deliver, but how you deliver it, creates your brand image. 

Moreover, in the era of same-day and instant deliveries, customers not only demand the fastest home delivery but also more than 70% of them favor the cheapest option. This leads businesses to cover the delivery fees to gain a competitive advantage, while last-mile deliveries already make approximately 53% of their total cost of shipping.

As such shifts occur, businesses struggle as they handle a greater volume of goods and rising demands, and this translates into challenges that include:

  • High costs
  • Late or missed deliveries
  • Lack of visibility
  • Outdated planning methods
  • Route planning & delivery allocation
  • Customer relations
  • Unpredictable elements

Hence, the solution to overcome these obstacles today and in the future lies in operational efficiency. And, next-gen technologies herald tailored solutions to drive adaptation. Businesses now turn to smart logistics planning to ensure an improved customer experience. 

Now, let’s discover how these solutions understand and respond to the ever-growing challenges of home deliveries. 

The Future of Last-Mile Delivery: Route Optimization

Any supply chain operation needs effective logistics management to operate the last-mile delivery network. And as this network gets complicated and the costs rise accordingly, businesses need to provide the necessary dynamism to operations with the help of a comprehensive data model. 

Since consumers now require a promised time slot so as not to spend the whole day at home waiting, automating and optimizing goods transportation services is a must. In this case, unless you embrace new technologies, you will miss saving on costs and also fail to create customer satisfaction.

And, when it comes to providing the best service to customers, the most efficient routes adaptable to the instant variables of operations are imperative. This is when supply chain optimization comes into play. Optiyol brought next-generation transportation management with its real-time route optimization software. 

Optiyol’s shipping solutions allow fleet selection, order allocation, visit sequencing, and scheduling that enables smart tracking of any last-mile operation for better use of resources. Thus, it empowers the future of last-mile delivery with:

Real-Time Visibility

In order to be ready for the future of business, you need total control of the operations. Optiyol Driver App (Android & iOS) helps drivers smoothly follow planned routes and update the order status to track which orders are on the way, completed, or canceled. 

In this way, Optiyol brings visibility to last-mile operations and allows companies to provide real-time information to customers about the order status. What's more, if there is a difference between the planned and the actual delivery times, ETA's are updated utilizing this data to ensure operational efficiency.

Hence, Optiyol not only automates and digitizes operations and offers transparency for better delivery management, but also allows businesses to get insights into the future of the supply chain ecosystem.


Optiyol considers all the factors to optimize resources to create the most efficient routes while taking each stage of the operation into account. This includes dynamic real-time fleet tracking, order allocation, and correct vehicle-type selection that results in 15-25% savings in mileage costs and 5-10% in fleet size.

Moreover, as the growth in last-mile deliveries implies a larger carbon footprint, optimizing resource utilization will reduce carbon emissions and enable eco-friendly operations.

Customer Satisfaction

Most importantly, embracing new technologies translates into future success because they empower the ultimate goal: Customer satisfaction. And, not only do Optiyol’s last-mile optimization solutions ensure your deliveries to be always on time to meet your customers' needs, but they also allow them to transparently track where their cargoes are and when they will arrive.

Future-Proof Businesses with Next-Gen Technologies

As the last mile delivery ecosystem evolves around customer demands, the only way to be ready for the future is to embrace next-generation technology solutions like Optiyol to deliver a smooth service in last-mile delivery operations.

Optiyol’s last-mile delivery solution allows you to not only meet but to exceed customer expectations as we move forward to a new business world fueled by the ‘digital’. To keep up with the fast-paced transformation that evolves around residential last-mile, we need to always keep our eyes on the new technologies that will make our business success future-proof. 

If you want to know more about Optiyol’s next-generation solutions that will boost your company with great customer experience in the face of competition, we are ready to help.