How to Boost Customer Experience with Last-Mile Delivery Optimization

September 24, 2021

How Last-Mile Delivery Optimization Boosts the Customer Experience


Digital transformation has completely altered people’s lives, work, and overall expectations. However with the Covid-19 crisis, we have witnessed how the wheels of transformation are turning faster without any indication of slowing down.

This fast-paced shift translates into digitally savvy and conscious customers who are passionate about the digital tools that make their lives easier. They hold the power to provide any company with a competitive advantage and sustainable success. Now these customers demand speed, transparency, and accuracy in any service they receive.

Whether you are in FMCG, Retail, Food & Beverage, or a big-scale e-commerce enterprise, your success is determined by the experience you create at customer touchpoints. Furthermore, last-mile delivery is the fundamental stage where you actually interact with your customers and create brand experiences.

According to PwC’s Future of Customer Experience report, 73% of all people in the US point to last-mile customer delivery experience as an essential factor in their purchase decisions. 

Nevertheless, optimizing your final mile delivery services’ efficiency with manual efforts will not meet your customer’s high expectations. In the age of digital disruption, only a new-generation approach can elevate your services to create an experience that retains your customers.

Before we move on to methods that will boost your customer experience, let’s identify bottlenecks in last-mile shipping operations.

Last-Mile Delivery Bottlenecks


Last-mile delivery is the final step of any supply-chain operation. From residential to commercial operations, it refers to the transportation of goods from a distribution center to the customer’s doorstep. 

In today’s competitive environment, sustaining delivery efficiency at customer touchpoints is crucial. However, when it comes to ensuring smooth last-mile operations, there are various challenges companies face at every step:

  • High operation costs
  • Fleet management and order allocation for better use of resources
  • Delayed and failed deliveries
  • Meeting customers’ personal demands
  • Sustaining effective communication with customers

Hence, your customer satisfaction is defined by all stages of your delivery process. In order to build a pleasant customer experience and improve revenue, you need a comprehensive and tailor-made solution that understands all realities of your operations.


Solution: Last-Mile Delivery Optimization


To provide a comprehensive experience by ensuring delivery efficiency, transparency, and accuracy while managing costs, conventional methods of logistics optimization are no longer enough.

Because if you have hundreds of orders to deliver with different time and capacity restrictions, it’s beyond manual efforts to reach customers on time while ensuring you are using your resources efficiently

In this case, Optiyol’s route planning software for supply chain optimization is the key to meeting customer demands with on-time deliveries while helping you overcome every bottleneck in your last-mile logistics.

Now, let’s discover how Optiyol can boost your customer experience with last-mile delivery optimization:


Better use of resources


The essence of success in last-mile logistics is to make the delivery at the right place and time with cost-efficient operations.

Optiyol’s route planning solution for last-mile logistics optimization finds efficient routes while taking into account each stage of the operation. This includes dynamic fleet selection, order allocation, and correct multi-stop visit sequencing that results in 15-25% savings in mileage costs and 5-10% in fleet size.

These automated solutions ensure more efficient use of your resources which allows you to serve more customers at lower costs. Optimization of resources is not only cost-efficient, but it also protects the environment with reduced emissions.

Hence, with the right resources and routes, you can meet your customers' pickup and delivery requests on time while ensuring eco-friendly business practices.


Supply-chain visibility


Optiyol’s routing software automates and digitalizes operations and offers transparency for better delivery management. While providing last-mile visibility, it allows dispatchers to track deliveries at each stage and make smart decisions to ensure customer satisfaction.

Because with Optiyol’s route optimization software, you can:

  • Share final dispatch plans with the Driver App
  • View and compare planned vs. actual driver routes in multiple layers
  • Access proof-of-delivery signatures, photos, and driver notes in order details
  • See actual arrival times and service durations at each location and compare them with planned values
  • Communicate with drivers via chat, SMS, or push notifications
  • Real-time tracking of updates about order status and vehicle paths on the map
  • Gain insights about drivers from historical data using AI

Most importantly, you can always provide accurate information to your customers.


Responsive services


While Optiyol’s last-mile optimization solutions enable your deliveries to always be on time to meet your customers' needs, it also allows transparency to track their packages and learn when they will arrive.

With Optiyol’s driver app, drivers can communicate with the customer when necessary via call, chat, SMS, or push notifications. Also, customers can make any change requests and personal demands such as delivery place/time, recipient, and additional notes.

Hence, you will not only ensure effective and transparent customer service, but you will also be able to build a trustworthy organization compliant with their demands based on the reviews you receive from them.


Upgrade Customer Experience with Optiyol


As digital transformation shifts customer demands, it also brings next-generation technology solutions like Optiyol to deliver smooth service in your last-mile delivery operations.

Optiyol’s tailor-made solutions aim to meet and exceed customer expectations while putting your business objectives and realities first. As a result, it builds cost-efficient residential operations that ensure a great customer experience and elevate your company in the face of competition.

If you want to learn more about how Optiyol’s solutions can upgrade your operations, we are ready to help

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