How to Upgrade Your Last-Mile Delivery Service for Black Friday

How to Upgrade Your Last-Mile Delivery Service for Black Friday

In the digital age, same-day deliveries have become the new normal, posing new challenges for e-commerce businesses day by day. And without question, Black Friday is one of the prominent ones all over the world, especially in the United States. According to Forbes research, 40% of buyers are waiting to do their shopping on Black Friday.

Black Friday has been testing e-commerce businesses even before the pandemic for several years because dealing with such delivery booms requires smooth logistics management and last-mile operations. And as we move on to the new normal after COVID-19, more customers choose online shopping over in-store experiences. This is why Black Friday Sale 2021 not only creates new concerns for retailers but also for the customers and the environment

To proceed with such a critical operation aiming at customer satisfaction with eco-friendly business processes, new generation last-mile solutions are indispensable. This is why in this article, we demonstrate how route optimization solutions will bring successful last-mile logistics during Black Friday. 

How to Survive Black Friday Last-Mile Challenges?

Today's consumers want to know almost the exact time they can get their orders. It is the key to customer retention in times of the e-commerce boom. And its peak is what we call Black Friday. 

This is why manual planning methods are no longer sufficient for a successful delivery service. And, as we approach the most challenging days of last-mile delivery, only new technologies like Optiyol can help businesses to keep up in such complex operations.  

At this point, let's discover how businesses can survive the hectic days of Black Friday with Optiyol and ensure seamless supply chain operations.

1. Take Real-Time Actions

When it comes to creating the perfect customer journey as you try to keep up with the holiday shopping season, your operations have to be agile enough to take real-time actions at every step. In logistics, real-time actions translate into having total control of operations that can turn the data into actionable insight. 

This is why Optiyol Driver App (Android & iOS) enables drivers to follow planned routes and update the order status to track which orders are on the way, completed, or canceled. Optiyol's driver app allows drivers to communicate with their customers via chat, call, SMS, or push notifications and customers can make any change requests or insert additional notes too. And thanks to this visibility, companies can provide real-time information to customers about their order status. 

2. Optimize Resources

One of the most important aspects of carrying out a challenging operation like Black Friday is optimizing last-mile costs and resources. This is why Optiyol optimizes and automates the whole delivery process with tailored algorithms with the organization’s best interest in mind. 

Because Optiyol algorithms take each stage of the operation into account to optimize resources and total cost and eliminate late or missed deliveries. This includes real-time fleet tracking, dynamic fleet selection, order allocation, and vehicle-type selection that results in %15-25 savings in mileage costs and %5-10 in fleet size.

Thus, this end-to-end optimization also empowers you to protect the environment with reduced emissions while ensuring customer satisfaction on the busiest days of e-commerce.

3. Boost Operational Efficiency with In-House Shipping

The COVID-19 pandemic has once again emphasized just how critical it is for e-commerce businesses to prioritize their final mile delivery operations. As we approach Black Friday, once again companies' supply chain management will be tested and they must be prepared for what’s to come.

In-house order fulfillment allows companies to ensure on-time and accurate deliveries, higher sales, lower cost per delivery, increased brand awareness, and higher customer satisfaction without third-party logistics companies

This is why considering shifting from outsourcing to in-house shipping utilizing cutting-edge technologies is imperative at the moment. Optiyol's modular and tunable algorithm design allows the creation of tailor-fit planning algorithms for each business environment.

4. Always Be Prepared for Holiday Season Boom

Because of the rise in multichannel shopping, the 2021 holiday season is bound to be challenging for e-commerce businesses. And the future holds last-mile efficiency as the key for success.  

This efficiency translates into ensuring seamless, accurate, and on-time delivery experiences especially in shopping seasons like Black Friday. This is why Optiyol aims to help companies to survive Black Friday's delivery challenges and gain a competitive advantage. 

If you want to learn more about how Optiyol’s solutions can help you to be prepared for any shopping boom, we are here to help.