Let Optiyol do the Math for You

June 15, 2023

Planning, directing and coordinating transportation operations can be hard and confusing. It’s also a challenge where many different constraints need to be considered, billions of scenarios to be compared and only a few minutes to be spent on.

Optiyol, however, gives businesses a greater position in reaching operational efficiency, reducing time spent on planning, and increasing end customers’ delivery experience. It provides a significantly better plan in just a couple of minutes compared to existing methods.

Optiyol engine, built by our optimization scientists with close feedback of industry-leading customers, processes various input data related to fleet, orders, locations and drivers along with historical vehicle tracking data to auto-correct inputs and fine-tune the algorithms.

Please reach out to us for a detailed estimation of value for your operations. On average, we prove 10% better results compared to existing software, and 20% better than a manual process.