Keep Up with Optiyol #13

July 26, 2022

Optiyol, as a transportation-focused tech company, periodically collects 5 notable news and pieces about transportation, logistics, supply chain solutions, autonomous cars, digitalization, the rise of ai, optimization, sustainability and market news.


1-  A 165-Mile Drone Superhighway Will Soon Be Built in the UK

“This system will ensure any company can safely get airborne and build a scalable drone solution to benefit society, businesses, and industry, on level and fair terms, accessible to everyone.”


2- Amazon defined warehouse robotics — so, what’s next?

“Proteus autonomously moves through our facilities using advanced safety, perception, and navigation technology developed by Amazon.”

3- Russia's Nord Stream 1 pipeline will resume gas flows on time - but at reduced levels, report says

“Before going offline, Gazprom had already slashed Nord Stream 1 deliveries by 60%, claiming Western sanctions were blocking a turbine needed at a compressor station.”


4- Visibility, tracking & planning among 10 boons of supply IoT

“Asset tracking, value chain visibility, and stronger supplier relations among top 10 benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) use in modern supply chains”

5- Trucks headed for a driverless future

“While companies ranging from Google offshoot Waymo to established businesses such as Toyota or General Motors work on self-driving passenger cars, truck manufacturers have been quietly developing similar technology.”


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