Keep Up with Optiyol #2

January 28, 2022

Optiyol, as a transportation-focused tech company, periodically collects 5 notable news and pieces about transportation, logistics, supply chain solutions, autonomous cars, digitalization, the ai, optimization, sustainability and market news.


1- ​​The tech helping shops - and Santa - deliver this Christmas

“... Christmas is, of course, also the busiest time of the year for retailers. .. For other retailers, large and small, this poses a problem - how can they make their delivery systems as efficient and user friendly as possible?”

When the demand is high, capacity optimization is critical to deliver on time


2- The supply-chain mapped out: How an Amazon package travels from the factory to your front door

“This specific route is based on conversations with supply-chain and warehouse workers, as well as data from Amazon's website.”

Optimizing order flow is a key differentiation from competitors.


3- Nuro's head of partnerships breaks down how the self-driving startup is helping transform the world of delivery

“It doesn't make sense to me that only the wealthy should benefit from things like Instacart and from other services like that. We really should enable this for the broader communities as a whole.”

Lower costs will democratize access to delivery services.


4- Five financial surprises in 2021

“...spending on durable goods has risen by 34% in America since the beginning of 2020, compared with an increase of nearer 4% on services. As the pandemic recedes, that gap should narrow. But supply chains may remain squeezed for some time relative to pre-covid norms.”

In order to prevent the negative effects of future shocks, a strong algorithm has to support organizations.


5-  TuSimple locks in self-driving trucks deal with DHL

“Self-driving trucks developer TuSimple has reached a deal to integrate its autonomous vehicle technology into DHL Supply Chain’s operations.” 
Significant step for the future of AI-routed trucks.

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