Keep Up with Optiyol #22

December 28, 2022

Optiyol, as a transportation-focused tech company, periodically collects 5 notable news and pieces about transportation, logistics, supply chain solutions, autonomous cars, digitalization, the rise of ai, optimization, sustainability and market news.


1- Global Supply Chains Face ‘Hangover’ as Excess Demand Softens

“The earlier companies engage and leverage technology, the more impact and improvement they can realize in logistics and value chains.”


2- E-commerce is entering a new phase in Southeast Asia

“Southeast Asian markets could sustain robust double-digit annual growth of between 15 and 25 percent for the next five years”


3- Fashion brands can't keep up with the latest trends because of supply-chain chaos 

“ Many retailers are offering heavy discounts to cut down unusually high inventories. “ 


4- The U.S. Postal Service will acquire and use at least 66,000 battery electric vehicles by 2028

“The effort is part of the Postal Service’s $9.6 billion plan to replace its aging fleet of over 220,000 vehicles. The new delivery vehicles will start hitting the streets by the end of 2023“

5- Fleet decarbonization: Operationalizing the transition

“Fleet operators are under pressure to transition to greener business models. A strategic approach can help ensure that they optimize costs”


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