Keep Up with Optiyol #15

September 13, 2022

Optiyol, as a transportation-focused tech company, periodically collects 5 notable news and pieces about transportation, logistics, supply chain solutions, autonomous cars, digitalization, the rise of ai, optimization, sustainability and market news.


1- United Airlines is getting serious about electric flying taxis that ferry passengers to nearby airports. 

“United Airlines says it wants to give passengers a new way of hopping short distances between airports and downtown urban areas.”


2- California climate rule to halt sale of new petrol cars by 2035

“California has enacted rules that halt sales of new petrol-powered vehicles by 2035, as the US state that has been a bellwether on environmental policy takes aim at its largest source of carbon emissions.”


3- Freight Demand Is Moderating Heading Toward the Fourth Quarter

“Freight demand across the U.S. is showing signs of softening heading into the peak fall shipping season, in a turnaround from the rush to restock that strained capacity and led to surging prices last year.”


4- Lucid debuts its performance EV brand with the $249,000 Air Sapphire

“Lucid has introduced a Sapphire badge devoted to "ultra-high-performance" EVs. The first model in the line, the Lucid Air Sapphire, promises to outperform Tesla's Plaid cars in at least some conditions — and not just in a straight line.”


5- How to encourage electric-car use

“American ev policy is similarly lost. As part of President Joe Biden’s bid to decarbonise the economy, the Inflation Reduction Act (ira), a recently passed infrastructure bill, offers incentives for people to purchase evs. “


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