Keep Up with Optiyol #8

April 11, 2022

Optiyol, as a transportation-focused tech company, periodically collects 5 notable news and pieces about transportation, logistics, supply chain solutions, autonomous cars, digitalization, the rise of ai, optimization, sustainability and market news.


1- Analysis: "Slow-balisation": how war, pandemic are reshaping global trade

“The damage to international commerce stemming from Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the still unvanquished COVID-19 pandemic has made governments and companies more aware they need more resilient supply chains.”


2- Record-high steel prices could hamper renewable rollout in near-term

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has roiled the oil and gas markets, and it could soon impact the renewable energy world, too.”


3- Amazon to open Turkey site with more than $100 mln investment

“ Inc (AMZN.O) said on Wednesday it will set up a logistic base in Turkey to meet rising demand, with a more than $100 million investment.”


4- Amazon has been secretly testing its drone-delivery program and plans to drop packages from the sky

“Amazon this year aims to recruit 1,300 test customers to place orders through its Prime Air drone-delivery program, a sign the company is inching closer to its vision of shipping packages via autonomous aerial vehicles”


5- Waymo to Send Driverless Cars Through San Francisco

“Waymo LLC, Google’s sister company, is sending fully autonomous vehicles onto the streets of the city”



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